The most requested feature by a long shot since launch has been the ability to filter the data used to plot the statistics. Many people requested the ability to be able to exclude iPhones and random gear from the results. I'm happy to announce today that this feature is now available. If you have a catalog full of photos imported from your iPhone or from a friends camera on holidays you can now easily exclude these cameras or lenses from the statistics.

Quickly generate charts for your latest gear and see how much usage you are really getting out of the that new lens.
Finding it hard to let go of that old favorite body? See how much usage it's really had over the past years in a few clicks.

Simply load your catalog as normal then click the filter icon in the top right hand corner to view the list of lenses and camera bodies you can filter with.
Please note that camera and lens filters are GLOBAL. This means that if you filter out lenses it can also impact the camera shot counts. For example, if you normally shoot Canon gear, but you borrowed a friends Nikon and a few lenses you do NOT need to unselect the Nikon camera and all the Nikon lenses. You can simply uncheck the Nikon camera and this will ignore any photos that were shot with that camera. This filter is also applied when counting photos for the lens related statistics.

Another example, If you shoot with a Fuji X-T1 and 6 lenses as a hobby but shoot Nikon gear professionally, you can simply uncheck the X-T1 camera body and it will remove all Fuji lens and camera records from the statistics as all Fuji lens related records will be associated with that camera body which has now been ignored. If you wish to only ignore 3 of those 6 lenses you can simply uncheck those 3 and leave the X-T1 camera checked.

A form of the following statement is used for all charts, whether it be lens related or camera related, "Show me statistics for photos where cameras are in this list and lenses are in this list". This allows for powerful filtering and more specific results.