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80% of your photos were shot at f/4.0 or above

Fixed Missing Camera Bug  March 26th 2016

Fixed a bug where by photos shot on cameras with missing lens EXIF data (such as Fuji X100T/S) or adapted lenses were not being reported after filtering date ranges

New Filtering Options Available  August 16th 2015

Filtering options are now available (not in demo). This allows you to generate statistics for specific cameras and lenses and remove those that you wish to ignore More information

Large Catalog Converter Tool  July 29th 2015

To assist with large or troublesome catalogs a tool is now available that will extract only the data that is needed to generate a dashboard from your lrcat file and copied across into a new, much smaller file that can be used on the website. More information

Customizable Time Ranges  July 18th 2015

Dashboards are now set plot 2 years worth of data by default with a user configurable option to change this range from as short as 1 month to as long as 12 years